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Here’s The Most Popular Travel Destination Right Now

Here’s The Most Popular Travel Destination Right Now

Here’s The Most Popular Travel Destination Right Now

Summertime is here, and it seems like a lot of people wants to get out of the house and enjoy the sunny weather. After months of staying in, a lot of people seek for a little getaway.

Countries like Portugal, Germany and New Zealand are very popular destinations right now, according to Bloomberg.

People, after having been stuck in their homes for a few months, do want to get out of their houses … But they don’t necessarily want to get on an airplane and are not yet comfortable leaving their countries,” Brian Chesky, chief executive officer at Airbnb, told Bloomberg.


Big Bear Lake, Southern California

Big Bear Lake, Southern California, is among the top destinations in the U.S. right now.

In the US. Big Bare Lake is among the most popular destinations right now.

Located 100 miles from Los Angeles, close to Phoenix and Las Vegas in Southern California, you’ll find Big Bear Lake. It’s known for it’s beautiful hiking, fishing, snowboarding & skiing and mountain biking. This place is perfect for relaxation and adventure

Not hard to imagine why this place is so popular – right?

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