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Kanye West Is Now A Billionaire – And He Wants Everyone To Know

Kanye West Is Now A Billionaire – And He Wants Everyone To Know

Kanye West is now a billionaire – at least he has now been given the title by Forbes. This happened on friday, as Kanye shared his financial records.

Last year, when Kanye was featured on the cover of the magazine, he weren’t labeled as a billionaire.

“Without sufficient documentation on his unusual stake, versus just his word and industry guesstimates, we didn’t call him a billionaire”, Zack O’Malley, Forbes journalist, wrote.

Nor was the 42 year old musician featured in Forbes annual billionaires list, during to lack of documentation.

Now Forbes has looked into Kanye, and calculated that the worth of Kanye. Properties and his G.O.O.D. record label is worth at least $90 million, Forbes estimates. The Yeezy collaboration with Adidas is estimated to have brought him royalties of over $140 million last year.

The final calculation from Forbes is $1.3 billion.

Although, Kanye West insists his worth stands at $3.3 billion;

“It’s $3.3 billion since no one at Forbes knows how to count”, Kanye texted to Forbes magazine.

Even though, $1.3 billion still puts him the exclusive list.

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